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Our government and corporate clients want new products and services to help them grow revenues rather than miss the chance to do so in a changing world. For them, we deploy specialised use of innovation design and gamification techniques often setting up Motivational Scorecards for peak performance.


Our clients want the security of building on our long legacy that includes offerings now part of our daily lives. International calling, getting cash from ATMs, call centres to resolve issues, and getting annoyed by voice response systems are just some of these. We have also ensured that banks correctly, securely, and meticulously manage our money via banking systems and services. For a global client, we have designed a new enterprise for successfully internationalising their offerings.

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Customer Insights

Tools include:

Artefact analysis, ELITO method, Empathy Mapping, Immersion, Metaphors, Personas, Storytelling, Problem Framing, Open-mindness, Codified Experience and Creativity.

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Business Models

Tools include:

Sensitivity Analysis, Activity Business Impact Assessment, VRIO: Resource Criticality, Risk Quantifier, Revenue Optimisation, Supplier Prioritisation, Critical Success Factors, Segment Attractiveness, Business Cases and Business Quality.

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Ideation & Prototyping

Tools include:

Business Origami, Wireframes, Mock Ups, Mood Boards, Brainstorming, Analogues, Errors, Tech & Trend Mapping, Sketching, Mash Ups, Gamification, Structured Formulation, Storytelling, Opposite Thinking, Process, Trial and Form-texture-colour-functions.

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Rapid Efficacy Tests


Review of current processes tools and outcomes.

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Product Management

Tools include:

Positioning, Kano Analysis, Product Policies, Perceptual Methods, Pricing, Objection Handling, Value Curves, Product Roadmaps, Product Configuration, Requirements Register, Quality Management, Cost of Ownership, Lifecycle Management, Market Scanning, Release Management, USP & FFB, Street Smart and Creativity.

Giving a Presentation

"Sikander's experience, creative design methods and tools helped our team to produce services for a Centre of Excellence to manage a nations' energy performance programmes and initiatives."

- Charikleia (Hara) Sidiropoulo

Head of Sustainability, DNV-GL

"It is design excellence as opposed to engineering excellence that leads to commercial success"

- Sikander Shaukat

Creative Strategist, D Laer



We have helped with behaviour change, innovation and managing demand.


We have helped with new services, policies and market-making.


We have helped with service design, delivery systems and new devices.

Banking & IT

We have helped with sales improvement and design of new services.

Clients include:

Clients include:

Clients include:

Department of Energy (Abu

Dhabi), Saudi Electric Company,

EDF, Scottish Power, EON UK and DNV-GL.

The Post Office, Department of Energy (Abu Dhabi) and NHS.

NHS, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust and Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.

Clients include:

Credit Suisse, Barclays Bank, Fujitsu ICL, Washington Mutual, Emirates NBD, BT, Sky and Fidelity.


Sikander Shaukat

Creative Strategist

MSc Sloan, London Business School, UK

Ruksana Shaukat-Jali

Creative Director

MEng.(Distinction) Design Engineering, Dyson School of Engineering, Imperial College, UK

Sand Dunes

Offering Strategic Insights and Innovative Problem solving Services to Businesses in the Middle East

Here at D Laer, business innovation is one of our tried and tested core specialties. We provide the direction and advice to businesses and enterprises that are looking to to solve problems and implement new product and services for economic growth.

Whether yours is a tech startup or an established healthcare organization, you can rely on us to unlock new opportunities for profitable revenue growth.

When companies retrench and continue following the same outdated processes over and over again because “that’s what they’ve always been doing’, they do a huge disservice to themselves. This not only leaves little to no room for innovation – a highly advanced and informed way of making successful investments, but can also perpetuate bad habits and inefficiencies that can inhibit business growth.

As your business innovation consultants, we help you weed out redundant processes and inefficiencies in your organization, and work closely with you to find solutions and alternatives that can make a positive difference to your bottom line.

Get in touch with us for further information on our organization innovation consultancy services.


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