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Firstly we have worked in the functions and business areas in which we advise. Secondly, we are design engineers trained at the Imperial College London, UK trained computer scientists and business specialists educated at the prestigious London Business School.


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Improve productivity and performance in those nations that are our target markets.

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Partner progressive, ambitious, and perceptive organisations in their efforts to innovate.


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Open Mindedness

In summary:

We along with all humans on the planet have cultural influences and innate biases. This is what makes us interesting, with infinite variations and myriads of different interpretations of realities. We end up looking at the world in our preferred way disregarding many other realities. At D Laer we suspend judgment as it kills creativity. At D Laer we dearly hold to the principles of balance and open mindedness. We look at all aspects of a situation including the average user, but also the benign.

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In summary:

We have moved beyond times of change. We are now in times of volatile and dramatic sudden shifts. The Coronavirus, and weather changes being immediate cases to focus our minds. Now creativity is needed to resolve dramatic problems and to do things in new ways. During downturns creativity needs to be increased as the old school responses of hunkering down, riding out the storm and entrenchment can lead to even sharper declines. We believe continuous, sustained, and innovative progress is what is needed to enable climbing out of declines.

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Consumer Value

In summary:

Innovation is often interpreted as automating the delivery of a service, exactly as it is currently performed by staff, and so getting the customer to self-service. This has very little value. The customers get mired in the meaningless complexity of a transaction needed due to internal processes. It has very little value for the staff either, as they may be discarded. It may have value for other stakeholders where they reduce their costs or improve their profits. However, a business cannot be operated for value to shareholders. The real arbiter of value and for whom the business can be operated is the customer or consumer.

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In summary:

“If a thing is worth doing it is worth doing badly” was one of the mantras of my marketing professors at the London Business School. This does not mean offering low quality, error-ridden, poorly designed products. It meant launching into the market with limited feature products. Known as a low-resolution or low-definition or Minimal Viable Product, it means being the first to market or the first in the minds of the customer. It pays-off in much higher profits.

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In summary:

Theories and concepts and ideas are wonderful and invigorating and very interesting topics of escapism and fantasy involving energised, fun conversations. However, action and practices related to these are even better and more stimulating for creativity. We hold that once the idea is valid it demands a call to quick action to do it justice. It demands testing, refinement, development and not continued conjugations of thinking.

Masdar City


We have chosen to be based in one of the most entrepreneurial and growth oriented economies in the GCC. Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. From here we serve our clients in Abu Dhabi and in London.


D Laer Limited, Registered in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, Registration number: MC 12453



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