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3 Essential Things to Remember About Remarkable Product and Services Design

Design is the most important ‘feature’ when it comes to developing great products and great services. Today, the world of design is a combination of pragmatism and vision, fused with entrepreneurship, creativity, and technical skills.

As we ring in the new year, experts believe that product and services design will continue its domination as it offers a real edge over competitors and sets companies apart.

Whether you’re a developer, designer, marketing manager, or product manager, it’s important to remember three essential things about product and service design to create your best work.

1. Be aesthetically relevant

Functionality is crucial—there’s no doubt or qualm about it. However, the design manifesto is huge, and performance is just one of its parts.

Why? Because aesthetics are still quite instrumental in the future of product and services design.

Both the aesthetics and feel of a product or service continue to appeal to users, entrancing them with timeless style and class. Whether we’re talking about tangible products or digital products, like websites, applications, and software, or services like a new triage, post sales service, or new customer registration and onboarding, a designer who wants to keep developing and improving skills should never underestimate the power of an aesthetic sense.

Besides being easy-to-use and functional, a product should never be short of aesthetic power. Why? Because people want their product to do wonders and not look ugly while doing so.

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2. Ergonomics matter

Functionality goes hand in hand with aesthetics and both should be given the highest priority. If the product is irritating and painful to use, customers will quickly forget how aesthetically pleasant a product is.

Ensuring that the product is as intuitive and comfortable to use as possible is key.

Ideally, you would want the product to be enjoyable for as long as possible. It is always a careful balance between form (aesthetics) and function. Ergonomics alone will not boost the appeal of a product or service. The product or service should always be easy-to-use and comfortable, even if it is not perfect.

3. Know your minimum viable product

MVP (or minimum viable product) is referred to as the product you can develop that yields the highest return while simultaneously posing the least risks.

Simply put, it identifies the minimal and simplest features required for your product to be profitable. When you’re aware of this, you’ll have no problems reducing product time and costs.

By focusing a large chunk of your energy on the most important features, you’ll be more efficient with your operations. Here are some more reasons why knowing your MVP is important:

1. Helps reduce the risk of wasted products/resources for unnecessary features.

2. Helps set the core proposition of your product or service development, allowing you to identify features that you can and can’t do without.

3. Reduces time spent on product or service development.

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