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3 Strategies for Creating Design Culture in Your Business

What’s a company with a design culture really like? Well, it’s a business where people don’t just work for their paychecks but are passionate to deliver results. Such companies aim to create incredible products and every employee has just one goal: offer meaningful experiences to the customers for maximum engagement.

However, creating a design culture in a business isn’t easy because it’s all about attitudes, interactions, and relationships. But don’t worry, we make it easy by giving you an overview of 3 strategies you can adopt for developing a successful design culture.

1. Promote shared learning

Every designer thinks differently. Yes, designers are creative and come from different backgrounds but they should never shy away from improving their skills and prioritizing collaboration. So how do you promote shared learning? By promoting a design culture that’s geared toward passion and knowledge – be it typography, photography, illustration, or any other creative outlet. Thanks to shared learning, you’ll be able to build a stronger team whose members will be transparent and open about their work while actively looking to explore new skills.

2. Foster social capital

If your teams are working in silos and you see collaboration as nothing but a painful task, your company is literally dead. It’s definitely time to change tactics.

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Perhaps, your company is lacking social capital. In essence, social capital is a resource that’s realized through the shared trust and collective goals of the employees. By building strong social connections within the teams, you’ll witness:

  • Collaboration

  • Collective action

  • Greater information glow

  • More happiness

If your business doesn’t have decent social capital, it’ll show. For example, there won’t be any communication in and out of the workplace, creative gaps will increase, there will be zero engagement in team-building activities, and team members wouldn’t even eat together. This can negatively impact your business and its underlying goals. In order to increase social capital, you can:

  • Acknowledge employee accomplishments

  • Allow employees to create their own values

  • Allow small actions to dictate team culture

  • Develop better communication tactics

It’s reported that the price of disengaged employees is around $500 billion. This is why it pays to improve the social capital of your company.

3. Seek out empathy

Every business loves to stand behind an attractive catchphrase of being ‘customer obsessed’ or ‘user-centered.’ However, practicing empathy is what makes a real difference in design culture.

If there’s no connection between users and designers, you’re setting the product/service design up for failure. Understand that you can’t offer lasting value for your customers if your employees can’t thoroughly recognize the emotions of others.

So, seek out empathy by developing a comprehensive understanding of the problems you’re trying to fight, going out and meeting your users, and using the products you create.

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