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5 Innovations in Healthcare Management Brought About By Covid-19

None of us knew that we needed massive innovations in the Healthcare industry until now.

As soon as the pandemic hit the world, healthcare specialists were quick to point out that there was a dire need for innovations in healthcare management.

This prompted researchers and independent product designers to come up with the latest technological ideas that can expedite the healthcare process.

We give you the lowdown on the five innovations in healthcare management brought about by the Covid-19 virus.

Telehealth Services

Telehealth services top our list of innovations in healthcare management. Since patients were advised to remain at home and not visit the hospital unnecessarily, telehealth services helped bridge the communication gap between patients and healthcare providers.

Clinics and patients quickly adapted to telehealth communication, which opened up new doors for virtual doctor visits, and ensured the safety of millions of people throughout the world.

Cost-Effective Ventilation Solutions

Ventilators can cost thousands of dollars. However, with the JamVent ventilation system, costs are immensely reduced. The system is powered by simple on/off valves, which are readily available, and extremely cheap. This vital innovation also possesses alarms and safety cut-offs that prevent the ventilator from harming the patient’s lungs.

The cost-effective ventilation system regulates the patient’s breathing and can also maintain lung pressure during suction.

Air-Purifying Respirators

Millions of clinicians had to put their lives at risk to treat Covid-19 patients. But with the development of air-purifying respirator, this changed for the better. Hospitals quickly adopted the air-purifying respirators as part of their Personal Protective Equipment???.

These respirators are powered by small battery units and ensure that healthcare providers stay safe from all kinds of gases, vapors, particles, and contaminants. This innovation immensely helps clinicians stay safe from contracting the covid-19 disease.

Smartphones to Detect Covid-19

Don’t want to undergo the conventional covid-19 testing? Smartphones can now help you detect the symptoms of viral disease.

smartphone with a covid-19 screening tool

A smartphone app called Docdot makes use of smartphone cameras that use light signal technology to record the light reflected by blood vessels in the skin. This smart app records stress, oxygen saturation, heart rates, and other body changes, which ultimately help doctors diagnose Covi-19 cases remotely.

Patient Status Engines

Patient Status Engine is an FDA-approved medical device that’s helping clinicians monitor patients. It’s a wireless monitoring system that collects patient vitals such as heart rate, temperature, ECG details, and respiration data.

The patient status engine uses sensors and Artificial Intelligence to monitor the patient’s vitals in real-time. The wireless device also sets Early Warning Scores that alert the medical staff and ultimately enhance healthcare quality.

This information is collected and then create real-time health charts that help healthcare professionals remain updated with patients’ health condition and make decisions accordingly.

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