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Let the Games Begin—Gamification and How It Can Help Your Business

You might think that your business' success depends on your customers' engagement and loyalty. While you aren't entirely wrong, there's more to boosting revenue if you want to take your business to the next level.

It turns out that your brand’s ability to make it big depends on one extremely important factor—your employees.

Reports suggest that active, engaged, and interested employees can improve productivity and bring in 21% more profits!

Are you wondering how you, too, can tap this potential and increase your employee engagement, efficiency and bring in more sales? Gamification is the answer for you!

This blog gives you the lowdown on gamification, what it is, how it works, and how brands can incorporate it into their workplace culture.

Gamification—Your Gateway to Glory

Gamification is the act of incorporating gaming activities in a non-gaming zone. The main aim behind this strategy is to add a human element to the work culture. Employees are given goals and targets and then rewarded for their accomplishments.

Giant corporations like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft use gamification techniques to spark participation, collaboration, and employee interaction. The concept is simple; man likes to compete, solve challenging tasks, come up with innovative and practical solutions, and win to feel more accomplished.

How does it Work?

"All work and no play will make your employees dull and overworked."

Gamification strategies are cut out to improve the employee experience, make things exciting and engage employees in specific behaviors that improve their productivity.

Illustration of a man holding a trophy cup

Following the same monotonous routine can feel a bit tedious. However, through gamification, companies can introduce rewards and bonuses and encourage a competitive workplace environment. Implementing a human-centric design in the workplace guarantees immediate engagement from your employees.

Corporate training ensure that their employees are grasping new concepts and excelling at them. For instance, the American networking hardware company, Cisco, trained its employees by encouraging them to advance through the training levels and become masters of their craft. This strategy worked well for the company, and hundreds of employees completed over 13000 courses!

Cisco gamification strategy is the perfect example of Extrinsic (reward-seeking) motivations that ultimately propelled Intrinsic (experience-seeking) motivations in the employees.

Gamification and Customer Loyalty

When your employees pour their heart into their work, it's natural that customers will be lining up outside your door.

Configuring the right customer/employee journey ensures that your customers feel fulfilled, engaged, become loyal, and bring in more referrals.

Incorporating elements of gamification in your business can spark a chain reaction. Your employees feel motivated and engage; it establishes customer loyalty and guarantees a boost in sales and conversions.

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