• S Shaukat

Spearheading Innovation in Product Design

Great ideas materialize into commercial reality via targeted research, deliberate positioning and branding. Clarifying the reasons behind a product or services development, and perhaps more crucially, why buyers or end-users will engage with it is something we prioritize here at D Laer.

Obtaining a detailed and thorough understanding of what you expect from your product or service, your target audience, your competitors, and the market proposition reduces development risk and creates the strategic foundation from where propositions can be developed into reality.

Here at D Laer, our product and service design expertise and technical performance is balanced with design aesthetics, function and creativity. We start working with ideation and strategic proposition and gradually push the boundaries to explore the very best design possibilities and options. Our unique approach allows us to handle challenges in product design early on.

Taking a Market-Oriented or Human-Centric Approach to Product and Services Design

We also specialize in taking designs and concepts and turning them into tangible prototypes. When you choose us as your product design partner, you don’t have to worry about getting design work that lacks feasibility. We ensure that your product is fully ready for consumer use and application before it hits the market. We do this through our detailed expertise of exploring usability factors, as well as emotional connection and reuse appeal.

We using our exceptional tradecraft, quickly triangulate the satisfiers and dissatisfiers features creating positive re-enforcement for the buyer and the user. For instance, during the ideation and prototyping stage of a product design project, we use a diverse variety of tools and techniques to ensure the best possible outcome. These tools include brainstorming, mood boards, mock ups, wireframes, business origami, mash-ups, sketching, mapping, structured formulation, gamification, opposite thinking, storytelling, and more.

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