• S Shaukat

Premium Quality Product/Service Design and Prototyping Services

When it comes to launching any type of product or service, it’s critical for businesses to understand how the this looks, performs, and functions before they invest in costly development, manufacture or detailed design. This is where product or service prototyping comes in. Now, determining the ideal prototype depends on the purpose for which the product or service is intended. Generally, requirements for prototypes include ergonomic block models, visual/styling models, functioning low-fidelity prototypes for testing, gaming and simulations prior to production.

Here at D Laer, our product prototyping services are geared to help clients substantiate design decisions and maximize its chances of succeeding in the market prior to production and deployment. We have both in-house skills and state-of-the-art tools that allow us to create prototypes professionally and quickly, to suit the need of every budget.

The structured approach we take at D Laer is driven by creativity, design skills, marketing and experience. With every project we undertake, we focus on appeal at all touch points based on shape, texture, colour and function as well as an ecosystem of repeat and add on purchases. What has now become known as experience design.

Delivering Products That Are Safe And Robust

We always bear in mind that engineering excellence does not translate into commercial success. It is good design that achieves success. Our product and service prototyping process involves considering the product’s target audience and their needs and drivers of their behaviours. This is translated insight by insight into design features at the right price and positioning.

Our prototyping services focus on optimizing for the most satisfying features that create a difference and solve existing problems in new ways st ensuring that the product is optimized for customer value. This is totally unlike engineering optimization that sacrifices quantity over utility leading to failure. Our simulation process opens up new opportunities to prove new concepts, test the limits, and innovate for new designs. It also allows us to carry out tests to prove the design during before the engineering and concept development phase, and validate before the client makes major investments. This helps save a significant amount of cost and time to market.

We understand that ensuring the product or service is able to perform well under the rigors of intensive use and scale is critical to maintaining consumer confidence in the brand and product – and that’s exactly what we try to ensure here at D Laer. Get in touch with us for further information on our product prototyping and design services.

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