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What Is Creative Strategy Consulting? Does Your Business Need It?

As the competitive landscape continues to change, both medium and large enterprises require the input of professional creative strategy consultants who can assist them in making key decisions. These decisions can be about their approach to digitalisation and design of services innovation, business model development supporting new products and services, innovation journeys and gates, and complex problem solving. By developing coherent, cogent plans of action and stepping into complex situations, creative strategy consultants help companies meet their challenges and goals.

The consultants may supplement the client’s knowledge in a particular discipline—for instance, web based service design and supporting internal policies, selecting high impact customers and services, streamlining a product innovation portfolio and establishing innovation process and investment gates and roadmaps, revealing and defining approaches to competitive markets, optimising the business model to create profit and sustainability —with the leadership abilities and soft skills required to support current staff or, in certain scenarios, even lead an organization in a new direction.

Let’s discuss if your business needs it.

Does your business need a creative strategy consultant?

Even if you don’t doubt the importance of having a strategy consultant in place, you’ll still have to convince your organisation's leaders that this role is valuable and worth every penny of the budget allocation. Primarily, your business can benefit from design and innovation strategy consulting in the following ways:

Results-oriented focus

The most important role of a strategy consultant is to help you get results that you probably won’t get without setting the right course.

Good creative strategists know the modern techniques of solving problems and designing solutions. They are well-aware of their role in your enterprise and can act as a design authority, build corporate confidence in ideation, conduct user research and work with the new business models, demonstrate how to set the right milestones and goals for progress, and work for the results that will produce successful project outcomes.

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It’s not uncommon to see strategy consultants acting as objective third-parties. These consultants will bring a fresh perspective that wouldn’t be dictated by office politics and motives. Your consultant can have tough conversations and facilitate meetings when required—all without any bias!


Creative strategy consultants know that time to market is of the essence. You’ll be surprised to know that creative strategy consultants already have established methods and 101 tools to accelerate your innovation journeys. Even if you’re starting this process in-house and from scratch, the process will step on the gas right from the get-go.


If you compare the cost of hiring a new employee to bringing a short-term consultant, you’ll see that appointing a strategy consultant won’t just be easier, but cost-effective as well. While you’ll need an employee to manage a strategic plan after you end your contract with the strategy consultant, it’s still worth considering the economic cost of appointing a consultant against not appointing one. It’s a choice between commercial success and commercial failure of an endeavour.


Great creative strategy consultants will bring a great deal of experience from working with other firms. They know what steps to take to confidently lead your team through the process of strategic opportunity commercialisation.

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